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For Breweries

Let TSD help your brewery with high strength wastewater issues.

The explosion of craft brewing in the US has created an interesting dilemma for brewers – high strength wastewater and other residuals that need to be disposed. The solid waste (barley, wheat, other grains, yeasts, etc..) is pretty easy – the local cattle farm will love the material and use it as feed. The wastewater from cleanup and sanitation is another story. Because of the relatively low volume due to the typical size of brewing operations, disposal or treatment prior to disposal can be difficult and expensive.

TSD Environomics has spent a number of years actively involved in the treatment of high strength wastewater from food processing operations. Although a typical client generates between 150,000 – 250,000 gpd of wastewater, the same principles of treatment apply to smaller volumes. However, the equipment and procedures can be quite different.

TSD is in the process of developing exclusive agreements with equipment suppliers with technology aimed at the low volume, high strength wastewater. Whether your strategy is driven by the high cost of disposal to local municipalities (user fees and surcharges) or regulations the prohibit the discharge of high strength wastewater, we can help in developing and implementing a cost effective strategy for the management of wastewater.


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